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Ridgeways Car hire & Leasing is one of the leading car hire companies, specializing in short term, long term and lease hire. We have a wide customer base consisting from individuals to multinationals, NGO’s and Public organizations.
We have a fleet of the latest modules and well maintained vehicles which are fitted with 2 way radio system for ease of communication and are also fitted with computerized GPRS system for tracking down the exact location of vehicles. Our fleet are serviced at the Ridgeways Auto Express which is our affiliate company and garage.
RidgeLimos are at their finest with us. We offer an exclusive of luxury vehicles, services in a class of its own and a dedication to excellence that makes luxury travel into an event to be reminisced.
We specialize in offering great services ranging from Airport transfers, Hotel bookings, Car hire services, excursions, Mountain climbing in Kenya and Tanzania, Camping and Lodge safaris, Shuttle services, beach holidays, air ticketing and balloon safaris.
This was launched by management of Ridgeways Services as a car service and repair business to cater for both our growing fleet of vehicle together with offering the best to the public at large in terms of vehicle service and repair.
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This is one of our latest developments that arose from our clients’ needs for courier services. Being one of the leading Cabs and Car Hire Company in the country, our clients entrusted us with the responsibility of offering courier services that is affordable and efficient to them.

(Q)  How do I book a cab?

(A)  Visit the “Book Online" page on this site where you will receive a confirmation or call us on any of our office    numbers.

(Q)  What are the waiting charges?

(A)  The first 30 minutes are free, thereafter; we charge a rate of Ksh 300 per hour.

(Q)  How do I pay?

(A)  Kenya shillings or US Dollars (depending on the currency exchange rate at the time of transfer) and please pay the driver at your destination.  You may also pay by credit card which has extra charges by coming to our offices.

(Q)  Do I have to tip the driver?

(A)  If you feel a tip is appropriate – that is up to you.

(Q)  What do I do if I have left something behind in a Ridgecab?

(A)  Please call our Customer service Desk at 020 2696610 and give us the details and we will help you track your belongings.  Ridgecabs drivers are trained to report items left behind in a cab.

(Q)  What if a member of staff is hostile, rude or unprofessional?

(A)  Kindly report him/her to our offices or through our Customer service Desk number.

(Q)  Do you offer cab services at any time during the night?

(A)  We provide a 24/7 service; working night and day shifts.

(Q)  Is your company licensed and fully insured?

(A)  Yes, we are licensed by the local council and all our drivers have PSV Public driving license, a certificate of Good conduct from CID and they work in 12 hour shifts.

(Q)  Who owns Ridgecabs Taxis?

(A)  Ridgecabs taxis are owned and managed by the company

(Q)  Who are your drivers? 

(A)  All our drivers are qualified, licensed taxi drivers with excellent local knowledge,  Each is specifically selected by us because of their more experience.  We welcome all feedback to ensure that we maintain the high standards of all our drivers.

(Q)  What about security?

(A)  All our vehicles are fitted with Global Positioning Remote Satellite (GPRS) for surveillance and tracking.  Our drivers are continuously under training in clients safety, customer care and communication skills.

(Q)  What is your policy on smoking, drunkenness and abusive behavior?

(A)  All our vehicles are PSV and operate a strict non smoking policy as provided by statutory laws of Kenya.

Our cabs reserves the right to refuse to carry any person whose behavior is considered to be abusive or could pose a threat to the driver, the vehicle or other passengers.  As our client, you will receive a courteous and polite service and with this, we insist our representatives are accorded the same treatment.




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